IVMA at a Glance

The Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association – Profiles


The Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association (IVMA) is a professional organization of veterinarians, which is a not-for-profit association. IVMA was founded on 9 January 1953 in Lembang, West Java, Indonesia. IVMA* is the only veterinary organization for all veterinarians in Indonesia.

*last time ago known as IVA (but had already changed to IVMA, and officially declared in year 2001 at the FAVA Council Meeting in Bali)

IVMA Missions

The IVMA serves as an independent voice for veterinary medicine in Indonesia and the mission of the association is to support and promote excellence in the veterinary profession through service to its members and the community.

The mission is pursued through the following activities:

  • By conducting meeting on matters of interest to the veterinary profession, including scientific, professional and lifestyle issues.
  • By representation of the profession to government at all level and the general community, particularly on matters pertaining to animals and its welfare, animal industries and veterinary issues.
  • By developing policies and codes of practice on relevant subject as guidance for members and as information to the public.
  • By preparing guidelines on professional relations and interactions, including a code of ethics as guidance for the members.
  • By publication of a scientific journal and news magazine.


The Motto of IVMA is “Manusya Mriga Satwa Sewaka”, which means “To Serve Mankind Through Animal Kingdom”

 The veterinary profession requires veterinarian to fulfill the following criteria:

  • A graduate of a veterinary school that implements the national standard of veterinary education
  • Perform work by providing veterinary services that are based on professional oath and ethics
  • Prioritize humanity above personal interest
  • Provide veterinary services that are accountable through legal licensing procedure
  • Continuously update the competence and professionalism in line with the advancement of science and technology
  • A member of the veterinary professional organization (IVMA)


There is a central national executive board of IVMA lead by the IVMA President that held a mandate from the Quadrennial IVMA Congress. IVMA has 52 chapters across the nation, and currently has 19 non-territorial groups of veterinary specialty and scientific interests that are based on:

  1. Specific group of animal species
  2. Specific veterinary disciplines
  3. Same field of work related to animal health

Veterinary Statutory Body (VSB) of the OIE and IVMA role

The World Animal Health Organization or the OIE defines Veterinary Statutory Body as an autonomous regulatory body for  veterinarians and veterinary para-professionals with

  • objectives and functions;
  • legislative basis;
  • composition;
  • accountability and transparency of decision-making;
  • sources and management of funding;
  • continuing professional development

In reference to the abovementioned OIE’s definition on Veterinary Statutory Body (VSB):

For Indonesia, the IVMA fits the criteria to be the most independent and flexible body that may utilize legal and ethical approaches to advocate the importance of veterinarian’s role in the country to the government highest authority in charge on veterinary and animal health issues. Such role as well as veterinary authority and VSB status has to be recognized in related Laws/regulations. The related Law that specifically recognizes VSB in Indonesia is still on process.


Boards of the IVMA

There are Boards, Committee and Commissions under the IVMA that consists of :

  1. Commission on Organization and Membership
  2. Commission on Veterinary Law, Regulation and Advocacy
  3. Commission on Veterinary Standards of Professionalism, Accreditation and Enhancement of Veterinary Competence of the Members
  4. Commission on Animal Welfare
  5. Commission on Veterinary Leadership
  6. IVMA Advisory Board
  7. IVMA National Board of Ethics and Professional Dignity (Board of Veterinary Honor)
  8. National Joint Committee on Veterinary Examination to support licensing system to veterinarians (based on an MoU between the IVMA and Indonesia Veterinary Schools Association)


IVMA Chapters and Specialty Organizations

 IVMA has 52 Chapters across the nation alongside 19 non-territorial Groups of Specialty and Scientific Interests (SIGs) as follows:

  1. Indonesian Association of Quarantine Veterinarians
  2. Indonesian Association of Dairy Cattle Veterinarian
  3. Indonesian Society in Veterinary Public Health
  4. Indonesian Association of Wildlife, Aquatic and Exotic Animals Veterinarians
  5. Indonesian Small Animal Practitioner Veterinary Association
  6. Indonesian Veterinary Poultry Association
  7. Indonesian Veterinary Pathology Association
  8. Indonesian Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association
  9. Indonesian Veterinary Epidemiology Association
  10. Indonesian Veterinary Pharmacologist and Pharmacist Association
  11. Indonesian Equine Veterinary Association
  12. Indonesian Medical Reproduction Veterinary Association
  13. Indonesian Society in Veterinary Surgery
  14. Indonesian Society in Veterinary Internal Medicine
  15. Indonesian Society of Veterinary Acupuncturist
  16. Indonesian Veterinary Parasitology Association
  17. Indonesian Swine/Monogastric Animal Veterinarians Association
  18. Indonesian Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
  19. Indonesian Veterinary Microbiology Association

The larger groups each conduct annual scientific meeting and most SIGs participate in the IVMA veterinary scientific conference held every two years.


The Code of Ethics 1994: Guide to Professional Conduct and Animal Welfare

The IVMA is a professional association, it promotes the ethical principles of the veterinary profession which are enshrined in the code of ethics 1994 and Guide to Professional Conduct 2006.

IVMA is committed to be proactive in promoting and defending animal welfare within Indonesia and devotes its effort to researching, discussing and formulating position statement on diverse animal welfare issues.


IVMA and the National Certification Body for Professions in the field of Animal Health (LSP Kesehatan Hewan)

In response to the national need to have a reliable system for professional competency certification for various professions in Indonesia including those in the veterinary field, in 2015 IVMA initiated the formation of a National Certification Body. This National Certification Body performs certification of competence for professions related to animal health and veterinary public health, such as veterinarians of different specialty, Halal Slaughterman, etc. The National Certification Body operates under the Indonesian National Body for Professional Certification (BNSP) and the assessors are certified by BNSP.